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Cycle Hitch – To Tow Your Motorcycle

Cycle Hitch has an interesting way to get your motorcycle from point A to point B.  Push it up the track, strap it in and drive off.  Sure looks simple to us! The Cycle Hitch allows you to effortlessly load your bike in less than 4 minutes. And the best news is that you do […]

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Jesse James Industrial Workwear New Items

| 02/19/2010 | 0 Comments

Jesse James Industrial Workwear just released some new items today.  If you are in need to some new duds for work, check out the new offerings.  New products have some special material to get all that sweat off your body to keep you cool during those hot days in the shop.  Speaking of hot, stay […]

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Quick Draw Leather Jacket

Quite a concept here if you are a gunslinger (I use that in jest).  If you are looking for a stylish new leather jacket and want to pack your heat, then check out this offering called the Pistol Pete Gun Jacket.  On the outside it appears to be your normal slant zip leather biker jacket, […]

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Pipe Wear Pipe Wraps – The Sock For Your Pipes

| 02/19/2010 | 1 Comment

Torch Wear, who is well known for their welding products, has just introduced a new product called PipeWear.  PipeWear is a new custom fit sleeve for your pipes to keep the heat inside the pipe and helps keep the inner leg branding a thing of the past.  So, keeping the heat inside the pipe will […]

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