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Footshifted – does it go on something with 2 wheels and is foot shifted??  We’ll have you covered!

It’s about all things that are included with your two wheeled adventure.  We will strive to be THE source for ‘what’s new’ in the world of motorcycle aftermarket parts and accessories.  You name it we’ll cover it!  Is it that new leather jacket, that new polishing solution for your chrome, that gadget that you’ve always wanted, the pipe to give you some extra grunt on your sport bike, maybe it’s the leather jacket that you just can’t be without or that new set of bags for your touring bike??  Whatever it is, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date for any of the latest items that are available or will be soon!

All that said – we don’t discount that we’re new and need to earn your trust.  We’ll do that – always linking to our sources or giving credit where credit is due.  You send a tip and give us your name, we’ll give you credit.  Did you get the scoop before we did, we’ll cover the item but if we got the news from your site, we’ll give you clear credit in the post.

Join us in this quest to become the place to visit while you drink your morning cup of Joe, the last place you visit before you go to bed and anytime in between!!

About Me

My name is Matt and I’m the owner of Footshifted.com.

I’ve been around motorcycles for my whole life… My father had a few motorcycle dealerships when I was younger, but I don’t really remember them too much as I was too young.   I remember a few bits and pieces about being back in the ‘shop’ part of the store, that’s about it.

Growing up we had a few motorcycles and some scooters.  I’ll just say it that I was one of those that had a Tomos moped and a Honda Elite Scooter – boy that 50cc seemed like the shit when I first got on it the first time!  At least it was a start on two wheels!

Since that time, I’ve been on bikes of different kinds.  Most of them are Harley Davidsons, but I am not against others – ride with quite a few different brands so don’t think I’m in the ‘all Harley’ club or anything.  I’ve had a Suzuki, Honda Shadow and cycled through my fair share of Harley models.  I’ve owned or ridden a  range from Sporsters, Dynas, Night Train to V-Rods (didn’t care for that one, glad it was my Dads…)!

Currently, I’ve gone a little old and sit up on a 1955 Harley.  The old thing is great to tinker around on in the garage and the feeling of having to kick the bike to get it going is one of the best parts!

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