Is Harley-Davidson Apparel Turning Over A New Leaf?

Anybody else get the Spring 2012 Collection from Harley-Davidson in the mail box this week?  What did you think??  Me, I actually found quite a few things I liked in there… when was the last time that happened?  I can think of 1 over the past few years.  The Half Mile jacket last year was pretty sweet.

Before that it’s just been the same old flames, skulls and leather fringe.  That’s OK for some, and I respect that but it’s not for me.

What came in the catalog yesterday was pretty impressive.  New styles that appeared to me that H-D might be targeting a younger crowd some more??  Not the core??

Check out the S.W.A.T Leather jacket – tell me that’s made for your ‘core’ group of H-D riders.  I think not!

Side note to H-D though… our backs need protection too!  If you’re putting shoulder and elbow protection in your jackets, please put in the back protector too!

Fuel Cell (has the back protector pockets) and S.W.A.T Functional look good too:

So what do you think?  I think we are seeing another phase when it comes to H-D and their marketing – with their apparel like we have been seeing with the videos over the last year or so.  Appears that this new shift is moving into full force now, if they would only take some cues from what’s going on with the motorcycle industry itself and come out with some NEW bikes, we might really start seeing the shift away from the ‘core’ group of the market!


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